Cecilia Jonsson

I am a Scanian natural scientist who became a behavioral scientist / sociologist with complementary studies in psychology, communication, leadership and business administration. I grew up with entrepreneurship around me, have worked in technology and research-heavy organizations, like the field of tension between emotional intelligence, EQ, and decision-making, often start from systems theory and challenge myself most of the time.

My strengths are that I like to share and give others the opportunity to see new perspectives, have a good sensitivity to new angles and a sharp eye for people’s needs, longings and interactions. I coach people to find the self-awareness we all need to get where we want to go. I contribute committedly to provide inspiration and tools to see the world in a different way in order to successfully tackle my own everyday life.

Many years of meetings with inspiring people, who have taught me everything I can, allow me to take on, plan and carry out assignments in organizational development. I enjoy being the catalyst that adds energy where people and organizations are challenged to selected changes, leadership and development programs. My background is in Human Resources / Human Relations, organizational development, project management and valuation work in various leading positions both at Chalmers University of Technology, at Saab-Ericsson in the space and defense industry. Most recently, I have a senior consultant / consulting manager in two of Christer Olsson’s companies, Candidate and Act to Perform, mainly in assignments regarding personal assessment, group and leadership development in several other industries. Today I am self-employed in Beech Tree AB for the sake of my creativity and with exciting collaborations where I add and contribute to a better world where more people get the chance to grow, reflect and be involved!