Clara Laurent & Anna Nissen – CLAN Communication

What makes companies a leader today is their way of communicating. As competition intensifies and digitalisation completely changes the playing field, the brand has become increasingly important as a more sustainable means of competition. Many have begun to realize that successful brand building is based on their own organization and companies that can combine both internal and external focus are significantly more profitable than those that do not have a clear direction in branding. We have 20 years of experience from the advertising agency world of developing communication strategies, developing strong concepts and activating brands. The development that has taken place during these 20 years has convinced us that a holistic view of communication is crucial today. It is important to be able to translate the company’s mission, vision and core values ​​into communication that is true, relevant and engaging for both customers and employees. At the companies that succeed best today, the company’s values ​​are directly reflected in the values ​​that customers pay for. We work together with Culture Academy in their unique model – Culture Journey. What a brand stands for in the recipient’s consciousness depends on what associations it brings to life. A brand is what people expect it to be. It covers both the experience of services and products as well as the corporate culture. In Culture Check, we start from how customers and employees really experience the brand’s promise, offer and corporate culture. We help to identify a current situation with clear problem formulations and challenges and clarify qualitative and quantitative goals in the short and long term. Based on the conclusions of Culture Check, we help to develop a Culture Strategy. The strategy defines communicative objectives regarding target groups’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors and how these can be achieved. To achieve this, we need to develop a strong concept, a Culture Concept, which conveys and packages the corporate culture’s values, vision and promise. A concept that all communication can be based on and which will carry and build the corporate culture forward. We work with creative workshops for effective knowledge transfer, participation and commitment. Our delivery is a strong concept consisting of manifesto, main message, tonality and manner that gives you a clear starting point for activating your communication internally and externally. You become a better customer and can prioritize among communication efforts to achieve your goals. In the next step, we can also, if necessary, help to develop concrete activities that strengthen the corporate culture and brand. Examples of customers we have worked with are Samsung, LG, Scandic, AMF Fastigheter, MSAB, Delphi and Viktklubb (Schibstedt).