Paul Flodin

Paul is driven by the idea that all people have the opportunity for a free and dynamic life full of color – regardless of conditions. By unleashing the potential of each individual, he can lead himself to success. Since a group consists of individuals, this is also the starting point for unleashing the potential that exists in a group. Through practical and concrete models for how to create behaviors, value, emotional intelligence (EQ) and physical well-being are created, the conditions are created to meet challenges and thereby achieve success.

Paul has extensive experience of process and business development with value creation as the focus and the individual as the starting point. A person who feels good intellectually, emotionally and physically will perform world class. He is a certified CHR agent for Sturebadet Health CHR, advanced coach in group training and lives a life free from stress – something he likes to teach others how to do. In addition to this, Paul inspires through lectures, workshops and building strategies in organizations to put health and well-being as a strategic priority issue. The lectures and workshops are usually always followed by lively discussions and exchanges of thoughts, all because he manages to penetrate deep into ourselves, where there is true motivation and determination to make value-creating changes.

Performance management in its purest form – unlock your potential!