Rikard Lindqvist

Knowledge is a prerequisite for long-term profitability

Rikard Lindqvist trains both current and future leaders with long-term profitability in focus.

With small funds, you can increase profitability and gain greater control over your business.

Increasing revenue is more fun and more effective in the long run than just cutting costs. By taking control of supply and demand, you can price more efficiently so that you increase your revenue.

Rikard grew up in Tyresö, south of Stockholm.

He specializes in analyzing businesses to find areas with potential for increased profitability.

Rikard has over 15 years of experience from workplaces in Sweden and internationally.

Today he runs the company Vinstoptimering, a company that helps companies in e.g. the hospitality industry to improve and streamline operations. Profit optimization offers professional change support to increase profitability in both the long and short term. Ensuring the quality of the business to minimize mistakes is both wise and profitable. With the help of their focused revenue program, the result has consistently meant that the margin has increased for customers. Rikard lectures i.a. if:

  • The importance of a sense of responsibility for reporting the business – owning your business
  • The importance of profitability both individually for the business and the Group
  • Financial strategies and revenue optimization
  • Pricing and buying behavior
  • Personnel optimization
  • How key figures can improve long-term profitability

Examples of customers he has worked with in recent years are Scandic, Martin & Servera and Stureplansgruppen.