To develop is to travel, the journey with our customers has only just begun.

Our wish is to be able to develop together with you for a long time.

The companies we work with differ, but the common denominator is the understanding that it is the employee who creates the result.

Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you with small valuable steps in the right direction.

Our Friends

Valuable words from our Friends

“We at the ICEHOTEL want to thank you Linda for enormously educational and inspiring days. Linda, you have an energy and a commitment that is rare as well as a way to bring people with you.

We look forward to next time! “

Malin Franck, CEO at the ICEHOTEL

“At Marstrands Havshotell, employees are the most important thing we have, our view of personal development is that if we succeed in motivating and creating pride every day for both managers and other employees, guest satisfaction, finances and long-term success come automatically.

When we were to choose a partner for our new development program for all our employees, the choice fell after a review of the market and recommendations at Culture Academy. Together we have developed a 3-year plan for the development of both our leadership and how we work with service, care sales and passion in our daily work, this has in a short time given fantastic results and we are just at the beginning of our journey! “

Daniel Svensson, CEO at Marstrands Havshotell

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you as course leaders. You have given me many new insights by leading the discussions in a very good way. You have been good at giving interesting feedback and reflections directly from working life. Leadership is very much about reflection and there I thought you managed to capture many good and interesting situations.

Many thanks for all the knowledge! “

John Ringh, Tourist Information Officer, Destination Uppsala AB

“Thank you Linda for enormously inspiring and educational days, which increased both motivation and additional sales.

We are already looking forward to the next time!

Bank Bergström, CEO of Nordic Nest

“Culture Academy has helped us at Elite Hotels of Sweden to shape our group-wide approach to service training that all employees have had to go and will continue to do twice a year. Culture Academy has also helped us to shape the approach for our leadership training To lead service at Elite Hotels that aim to equip all managers with concrete tools for how they make service training a reality in everyday life.

Culture Academy has an incredible experience and I immediately felt incredibly confident in our collaboration that there was experience here that I could lean on. There is not a situation among employees or leaders that Culture Academy has not encountered and that they can not guide within. They personify the combination of heavy experience, energy, alertness and humor. Through wisdom and humor, they have made us laugh and exclaim “aha!” so many times.

As a Talent manager, I was looking for a partner who shared my values that development is a long-term work that takes place over time and that the smart and most effective tools are usually the simple and concrete ones. Culture Academy has clearly been the trainer who has from the beginning encouraged and supported our approach with train-the-trainer training. I highly recommend Culture Academy to all companies, regardless of industry, who want to raise their level of service and train everyone in hospitality and sales. ”

Bianca, Elite Hotels


We are so happy to present our partner in all our advertising, ads, web design and much more! Fantastic Bartley Design is also behind the design on our great Website!

Greetings the Friends at the Academy, Culture Academy

To do our current situation analysis, step 1 in our Culture Journey, we use the tool CHR, Corporate Health Responsibility. A unique tool that measures how your business is doing, on all levels. This tool is developed by Sturebadet Health and we are so happy about our collaboration with them and their CHR consultants.

Greetings the Friends at the Academy, Culture Academy is an independent and market-leading digital search service for educations and courses in Sweden.