Jens Hector

Jens began his “consulting trip” in the spring of ’99 when he joined Christer Olsson. During all these years and in all these encounters with people, he has brought with him a question about WHY things are as they are, e.g. why some achieve results with greater ease than others even though the external circumstances are equal, why we achieve increased effect together with some people and not with others, why some get people with them -where others get people against them. The genuine curiosity Jens has in meetings with groups and individuals means that today he clearly has interesting reflections and answers to these questions, which he is happy to share with others. He is often described as Genuine, Responsive, Simple, Energetic and Inspirational. “I want people I meet to feel Understood, Confirmed, Challenged and Inspired” Today he has assignments in a number of different industries such as: banking and finance, hotels, grocery, industry and technology, IT, healthcare, construction, technical consulting mm

Target groups:

Management teams, Leaders and managers, Next generation, Co-managers (employees), Sales organizations, Service personnel, etc.

Tools Jens uses to achieve results:

EQi SDI Wallbreaker Bridge Builder Image Insight The Four Rooms of Change Open windows


Lecture Process-oriented (group / individual) Workshop (for up to 800 people) Individual development / feedback

Ex. on behalf:

Leadership development Change leadership Group development. Culture * Structure = Operational efficiency IQ * EQ * Kcal = results Inspiration / Motivation / Commitment Sales and service development


Unn Berry

Unn Berry has worked with people in different ways throughout her professional life and has a burning interest in the development of people! Helping companies strengthen their service culture by developing both employees and leaders is Unn’s area of ​​expertise. Unn also often works with educating and developing internal instructors and supervisors in basic pedagogy and presentation techniques. She is a certified coach and certified on Puzzle DISC, SDI and Situational Adapted Leadership. Unn’s roots are in the travel industry, where she worked in the field as a tour guide, service manager and flight attendant, as well as at the head office as an account manager and project manager. She started working with full-time education in 2005 and has since developed people in a number of different industries, such as the transport industry, the entertainment industry, telecom, banking & finance and trade unions just to name a few… She has previously worked at consulting companies such as Mercuri International and SJ Service Academy. Since 2014, she owns and operates the training company B Unlimited Consulting, which in 2016 was transformed into B Unlimited Consulting AB.


Cecilia Jonsson

I am a Scanian natural scientist who became a behavioral scientist / sociologist with complementary studies in psychology, communication, leadership and business administration. I grew up with entrepreneurship around me, have worked in technology and research-heavy organizations, like the field of tension between emotional intelligence, EQ, and decision-making, often start from systems theory and challenge myself most of the time.

My strengths are that I like to share and give others the opportunity to see new perspectives, have a good sensitivity to new angles and a sharp eye for people’s needs, longings and interactions. I coach people to find the self-awareness we all need to get where we want to go. I contribute committedly to provide inspiration and tools to see the world in a different way in order to successfully tackle my own everyday life.

Many years of meetings with inspiring people, who have taught me everything I can, allow me to take on, plan and carry out assignments in organizational development. I enjoy being the catalyst that adds energy where people and organizations are challenged to selected changes, leadership and development programs. My background is in Human Resources / Human Relations, organizational development, project management and valuation work in various leading positions both at Chalmers University of Technology, at Saab-Ericsson in the space and defense industry. Most recently, I have a senior consultant / consulting manager in two of Christer Olsson’s companies, Candidate and Act to Perform, mainly in assignments regarding personal assessment, group and leadership development in several other industries. Today I am self-employed in Beech Tree AB for the sake of my creativity and with exciting collaborations where I add and contribute to a better world where more people get the chance to grow, reflect and be involved!

Fredrik Önrup

Lecture in Revenue Management for Culture Academy
Revenue Management means selling the right product, at the right price, to the right customer, at the right time and in the right channel, where the goal is to increase the business’s profitability. Some today apply some form of Revenue Management with, for example, differentiated pricing, but without actually having any calculations and statistics as a basis for their strategies. One of the goals of the lecture is therefore to make theory of the practical. Historically, the hospitality industry has been based on a cost perspective in terms of supply and pricing, but has not always taken market forces into account. With the help of the theories behind Revenue Management, a new approach has been developed where you can take control of demand and pricing in order to optimize revenues for maximum profitability.



Magnus Helgesson

The entrepreneur
Sweden’s youngest entrepreneur in 1982, when Magnus was only 12 years old, he started his first business. In 1993, Magnus, Ulf Haggren and Leif Olsson started the first restaurant in what would later become one of Sweden’s largest restaurant chains. Today in 2013, all Harrys have a turnover of over EUR 70 million and employ over 1000 people. But the journey started already in 1982. The business idea in Magnus’ first company consisted of looking for stamps in containers which were then resold. When you rummage in containers all day, you find but one thing and another and one thing that existed very often was coffee grounds. The problem was actually that the coffee grounds often destroyed the letters and stamps, but it soon turned out to be a solution. Magnus offered to buy coffee for the company in exchange for receiving the letters immediately, without a swamp. The idea was spotless and only a short time later, Magnus had bought coffee for EUR 634 and sold stamps for EUR 8640. It was the first deal in Magnus’ career. In Magnus ‘best-selling e-book “The road to the moon – 0 to 700 million” you can read the whole story of Magnus’ journey to today. If you want to hear Magnus talk personally about his inspiring background, views on entrepreneurship and leadership, you can hire him as a lecturer. Both life wisdom and unique ways of thinking as well as entertaining anecdotes are promised! Buy Magnus’ second best-selling e-book and success tool “Success Leaves Track” here.

Anna Dyhre

My name is Anna Dyhre. I was born and raised in Gothenburg and have lived in Stockholm for several years. My biggest interest is Employer Branding, a topic I am happy to spread knowledge about and give solid tips on through lectures and workshops.

Authors, lecturers and educators
For the past 15 years, through studies, practical work and lectures, I have gained deep knowledge of what distinguishes an attractive employer from a less sought-after one. I try to convey this through lectures, workshops and in the books I have published.

Professional and experienced
With great commitment and long experience, I mix accumulated knowledge with new insights. My goal is to educate, evoke thoughts and come up with solid advice – always with humor and easy-going seriousness. With the security of hundreds of lectures and workshops behind me, I always make sure to offer something new and adapt the subject to the context.

Senior Advisor to Coreworkers
From January 2016, I am also Senior Advisor for Coreworkers. We have similar visions of what an attractive employer can be and the importance of constantly improving your employer brand. It therefore feels exciting and inspiring to be a part of Coreworker’s reputable business.

Stina Palmqvist

My goal is to create measurable and meaningful activities that are developed through trust. I want to work together and not in parallel to achieve our goals and dreams in the organizations I work for.

The effect of my work is shared responsibility and concrete, tangible goals and culture where we support and dare to take on conflicts when needed. I love working with brave people who dare to aim high and realize that we do the best together for the customers we want to work with. Challenges and lifts customer perspectives often and happily!

Born and raised in Gothenburg. Lived and studied in Canada and France. I facilitate and am a certified coach, former CEO and principal at IBS, run strategic branding projects in various industries both in Sweden and internationally, management consultant, executive coach and speak 3 languages fluently. Stina Coachar on behalf of the Stockholm School of Economics at the Executive MBA program and designs learning and group development. Some of the customers I worked with PEAB, Nordstan Shoppingcenter, Danske Bank and others. Heart project is Star for Life, which works to strengthen young people’s dreams through, among other things, raising motivation in Sweden.

Paul Flodin

Paul is driven by the idea that all people have the opportunity for a free and dynamic life full of color – regardless of conditions. By unleashing the potential of each individual, he can lead himself to success. Since a group consists of individuals, this is also the starting point for unleashing the potential that exists in a group. Through practical and concrete models for how to create behaviors, value, emotional intelligence (EQ) and physical well-being are created, the conditions are created to meet challenges and thereby achieve success.

Paul has extensive experience of process and business development with value creation as the focus and the individual as the starting point. A person who feels good intellectually, emotionally and physically will perform world class. He is a certified CHR agent for Sturebadet Health CHR, advanced coach in group training and lives a life free from stress – something he likes to teach others how to do. In addition to this, Paul inspires through lectures, workshops and building strategies in organizations to put health and well-being as a strategic priority issue. The lectures and workshops are usually always followed by lively discussions and exchanges of thoughts, all because he manages to penetrate deep into ourselves, where there is true motivation and determination to make value-creating changes.

Performance management in its purest form – unlock your potential!


Anders Eriksson

What makes companies a leader today is their way of communicating with their customers and employees by building a relevant corporate culture that attracts, enriches and has a good purpose for both groups.

As competition intensifies, internationalization and digitalisation completely change the playing field, the corporate culture has become increasingly important. Many have begun to realize that successful cultural development is based on their own organization and companies that can combine both internal and external focus are significantly more profitable than those that do not have a clear corporate culture.

Throughout my life, I have been an entrepreneur and intrapreneur (24 years in SEB in leading positions) and helped organizations and people to develop.

My experiences are mainly from service and sales in everything from banking to the experience industry by working with leaders / employees individually or in groups, as leaders / educators or board members. I use my courage and commitment as well as a lot of energy to help with the development going forward. Work methods have been to train, challenge and coach changed working methods or development of talents.

I work with Culture Academy in their unique model – Culture Journey.

When a company has carried out its Culture Check and developed its Culture Strategy, it needs to be communicated – both internally and in the long term externally. In this work, I can help work with the communication around this, for example via events where I act as Showrunner, Moderator and conferences – build the new common thread.

I have experience of communicating directly to many employees via meetings / podcasts (3,000 employees listened every week for 2 years) – where the company’s Culture Strategy can be worked in together with the company’s top management. My experience is that it is good that an outsider / neutral acts as a presenter and can thus give legitimacy to the strategy.

I also coach management teams, leaders and employees to develop according to the chosen strategy. How do we bring about a change? How do we increase sales / efficiency? How do we go from a nice PowerPoint to an implementation? How can we increase the courage of the organization?

I supplement Culture Academy’s educations in coach education / feedback / feedforward (tailored to the company’s needs and examples), sales and sales management educations and courage.

Clara Laurent & Anna Nissen – CLAN Communication

What makes companies a leader today is their way of communicating. As competition intensifies and digitalisation completely changes the playing field, the brand has become increasingly important as a more sustainable means of competition. Many have begun to realize that successful brand building is based on their own organization and companies that can combine both internal and external focus are significantly more profitable than those that do not have a clear direction in branding. We have 20 years of experience from the advertising agency world of developing communication strategies, developing strong concepts and activating brands. The development that has taken place during these 20 years has convinced us that a holistic view of communication is crucial today. It is important to be able to translate the company’s mission, vision and core values ​​into communication that is true, relevant and engaging for both customers and employees. At the companies that succeed best today, the company’s values ​​are directly reflected in the values ​​that customers pay for. We work together with Culture Academy in their unique model – Culture Journey. What a brand stands for in the recipient’s consciousness depends on what associations it brings to life. A brand is what people expect it to be. It covers both the experience of services and products as well as the corporate culture. In Culture Check, we start from how customers and employees really experience the brand’s promise, offer and corporate culture. We help to identify a current situation with clear problem formulations and challenges and clarify qualitative and quantitative goals in the short and long term. Based on the conclusions of Culture Check, we help to develop a Culture Strategy. The strategy defines communicative objectives regarding target groups’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors and how these can be achieved. To achieve this, we need to develop a strong concept, a Culture Concept, which conveys and packages the corporate culture’s values, vision and promise. A concept that all communication can be based on and which will carry and build the corporate culture forward. We work with creative workshops for effective knowledge transfer, participation and commitment. Our delivery is a strong concept consisting of manifesto, main message, tonality and manner that gives you a clear starting point for activating your communication internally and externally. You become a better customer and can prioritize among communication efforts to achieve your goals. In the next step, we can also, if necessary, help to develop concrete activities that strengthen the corporate culture and brand. Examples of customers we have worked with are Samsung, LG, Scandic, AMF Fastigheter, MSAB, Delphi and Viktklubb (Schibstedt).

Rikard Lindqvist

Knowledge is a prerequisite for long-term profitability

Rikard Lindqvist trains both current and future leaders with long-term profitability in focus.

With small funds, you can increase profitability and gain greater control over your business.

Increasing revenue is more fun and more effective in the long run than just cutting costs. By taking control of supply and demand, you can price more efficiently so that you increase your revenue.

Rikard grew up in Tyresö, south of Stockholm.

He specializes in analyzing businesses to find areas with potential for increased profitability.

Rikard has over 15 years of experience from workplaces in Sweden and internationally.

Today he runs the company Vinstoptimering, a company that helps companies in e.g. the hospitality industry to improve and streamline operations. Profit optimization offers professional change support to increase profitability in both the long and short term. Ensuring the quality of the business to minimize mistakes is both wise and profitable. With the help of their focused revenue program, the result has consistently meant that the margin has increased for customers. Rikard lectures i.a. if:

  • The importance of a sense of responsibility for reporting the business – owning your business
  • The importance of profitability both individually for the business and the Group
  • Financial strategies and revenue optimization
  • Pricing and buying behavior
  • Personnel optimization
  • How key figures can improve long-term profitability

Examples of customers he has worked with in recent years are Scandic, Martin & Servera and Stureplansgruppen.



Carina Wimert

Carina is an experienced leader with extensive experience of leading working groups in change and with solid experience of different cultures and industries. The ingredients consist of evidence-based research and leadership based on brain research using the latest digital tools combined with practical experience.

She has experience in business management and several business models. Carina is certified in MyNeeds ® – a conscious leadership, Puzzle DISC & Drivkrafter and the change methodology ADKAR. She is a certified coach, certified facilitator via SelfLeaders and certified CHR agent for Sturebadet Health CHR digital tools that take a holistic approach when it comes to strategic health. Basically, Carina is a trained market economist with a Mini-MBA in her luggage.


  • Leadership support & manager coaching
  • Leadership developers by identifying needs and training constellations to strengthen conscious leadership
  • Change leader / conflict management
  • Communication strategies, vision and values implementation
  • Goal focus and strategy implementation in line with digitized change processes
  • Lecturer in motivation and educator in MyNeeds®-
  • Moderator