Stina Palmqvist

My goal is to create measurable and meaningful activities that are developed through trust. I want to work together and not in parallel to achieve our goals and dreams in the organizations I work for.

The effect of my work is shared responsibility and concrete, tangible goals and culture where we support and dare to take on conflicts when needed. I love working with brave people who dare to aim high and realize that we do the best together for the customers we want to work with. Challenges and lifts customer perspectives often and happily!

Born and raised in Gothenburg. Lived and studied in Canada and France. I facilitate and am a certified coach, former CEO and principal at IBS, run strategic branding projects in various industries both in Sweden and internationally, management consultant, executive coach and speak 3 languages fluently. Stina Coachar on behalf of the Stockholm School of Economics at the Executive MBA program and designs learning and group development. Some of the customers I worked with PEAB, Nordstan Shoppingcenter, Danske Bank and others. Heart project is Star for Life, which works to strengthen young people’s dreams through, among other things, raising motivation in Sweden.