Anders Eriksson

What makes companies a leader today is their way of communicating with their customers and employees by building a relevant corporate culture that attracts, enriches and has a good purpose for both groups.

As competition intensifies, internationalization and digitalisation completely change the playing field, the corporate culture has become increasingly important. Many have begun to realize that successful cultural development is based on their own organization and companies that can combine both internal and external focus are significantly more profitable than those that do not have a clear corporate culture.

Throughout my life, I have been an entrepreneur and intrapreneur (24 years in SEB in leading positions) and helped organizations and people to develop.

My experiences are mainly from service and sales in everything from banking to the experience industry by working with leaders / employees individually or in groups, as leaders / educators or board members. I use my courage and commitment as well as a lot of energy to help with the development going forward. Work methods have been to train, challenge and coach changed working methods or development of talents.

I work with Culture Academy in their unique model – Culture Journey.

When a company has carried out its Culture Check and developed its Culture Strategy, it needs to be communicated – both internally and in the long term externally. In this work, I can help work with the communication around this, for example via events where I act as Showrunner, Moderator and conferences – build the new common thread.

I have experience of communicating directly to many employees via meetings / podcasts (3,000 employees listened every week for 2 years) – where the company’s Culture Strategy can be worked in together with the company’s top management. My experience is that it is good that an outsider / neutral acts as a presenter and can thus give legitimacy to the strategy.

I also coach management teams, leaders and employees to develop according to the chosen strategy. How do we bring about a change? How do we increase sales / efficiency? How do we go from a nice PowerPoint to an implementation? How can we increase the courage of the organization?

I supplement Culture Academy’s educations in coach education / feedback / feedforward (tailored to the company’s needs and examples), sales and sales management educations and courage.