Having the ability to present an idea or make a drawing clear to the audience can be absolutely crucial to whether you should be perceived as credible. In this course, we focus on developing your ability to convey messages in a convincing and credible way.


  • Successful communication
  • Basics of presentation techniques
  • Different reaction patterns in the audience in both positive and negative confrontation
  • Handle objections and comments constructively
  • How do I deal with my nervousness?
  • Different personality types and how to handle them
  • Handle difficult situations and difficult audiences in a constructive way
  • Conversation strategies
  • Requirements for speakers and presenters – what are the expectations of an audience
  • Methods for planning, preparation and organization of presentations
  • How to use scripts and images as support and tools
  • Tools for presentation – choose the right tools for the greatest effect
  • Basics of pedagogy
  • What affects the audience’s interest
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls of oral presentations
  • Create contact and activate the audience in an inspiring way
  • What affects the audience’s interest
  • Own presentations with personal feedback